Bid Whist Players Wanted. Guest Ronald L. Allen Wrote The History!

Bid Whist Facebook Card 1Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network

(All Black! All News! All You!)

This segment is CBBN Business Journals where we interview business owners and other innovators from around the world.

Our guest on CBBN Business Journals is Mr. Ronald L. Allen, author of The Evolution of Bid Whist now available on and at

Remember playing Bid Whist on Friday nights, ALL NIGHT LONG?

Did you know you were writing history?

“The Evolution of Bid Whist,” has received warm responses from Bid Whist players and Black History enthusiasts across the USA.

“The Evolution of Bid Whist” is an authoritative book containing the most comprehensive information ever published on the subject. It’s now available at

Sit down with your favorite Bid Whist players and enjoy the show.

Visit today.

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Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue

Executive Producer

Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network


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