Getting ready to do your first radio or podcast interview? Let us help.

Being interviewed on a podcast or radio show is not only a very rewarding personal experience, it is a highly favored advertising tool for the smart business owner.

For many of you, it means stepping out of your comfort zone, but that’s what we do as entrepreneurs. We step up and we step out. We try new things and we learn from everything that we do.

Just want to share 5 things that will make your first interview go a little bit smoother.

  1. Be prepared. Communicate with the host on questions that may be asked during the interview.
  2. Don’t be long-winded with your responses. Be to the point. And, if you’d like to add something to the response, use phrases such as, “I’d like to add one point,” or “In addition.” Those phrases are signals to the host that you will continue and prevents you from talking over the host. (They are listening and waiting for you to pause so that they can ask you another question.)
  3. Don’t leave the show without giving your contact information twice. And do mention the name of your company or organization more than once. For example, you may say, “At XYZ Company, we believe, or we offer, etc.” (Remember you are there to sell.)
  4. Prepare your closing. Thank the host. Give your contact information. Be gracious.
  5. Be confident. You know your product or service. It’s your baby. Speak from your heart because you are there to tell everyone how great your product or service really is, and you can only do that if believe it yourself. And, that will show through in your presentation.

That’s it. CLICK. CLICK. CLICK to schedule an interview today.

Keep it simple and in no time at all, you’ll be a pro at interviewing on all types of media platforms.


And you know it!

We support small business owners (SMBs) every day. What about you?

Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Founder

Chicago’s Black Business Network

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