CBBN Update


Hello Chicago!

This is a broadcast that we did a few weeks ago.

Just to give you an idea about we are, what we do and what’s going on with Chicago’s Black Business Network (CBBN.)

I’m Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Producer of Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network. ALL BLACK. ALL NEWS. ALL YOU. And, your host today.

How about your very own commercial? It’s time! Let’s schedule your recording. Details here: http://dld.bz/gWwGW

Dr. Deveda Francois, Community Psychologist is our newest host with The CoreMOXIE show. You can listen anytime at Chicago’s Black Business RADIO Network.com.

We’re hiring and training raw, ambition and hardworking people who want to own their own insurance agencies.If you visit www.HiringInsuranceAgents.com and complete the form, I’ll give you a call. It’s that simple. No experience in the insurance industry necessary. We train and support.

ALSO, you can post a free advertisement about your business at www.BlackBusinessWorldwide.com.

To sponsor a show or be a guest on CBBN Business Journals, give us a call at 773-609-2226. 


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