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An artist and activist who dreams of feeding the homeless.

Are you familiar with the North Lawndale community in Chicago?

Art and Justice

Paul grew up there and will share some of his experiences and talk to us about what led to his style and strut as an artist and activist.

Paul Ramey, former resident of North Lawndale, tells what his current art show is about, what his most recent activism is- the Peace Walk he was on today.  We will ask Paul how he mixes art-making & activism. He will also introduce his idea for a plan he has to begin a non-profit organization to feed and clothe homeless individuals.

Listen Dianna Long, Executive Director Urban Art Retreat on Wednesdays at 3 PM CST on “Art and Social Issues“.

Talking About Animal Rights with Liliana Ramirez Rosas.

Dianna Long, Executive Director of Urban Art Retreat host of “Art and Social Issues” on Chicago’s Black Business Network begins her series with an interview with Liliana Ramirez Rosas.

As Director and Board President of Urban Art Retreat, which was founded in 1984, she is involved in many community organization and organizers of many events in the Chicago Lawn area on Chicago’s west side. Read more about Urban Art Retreat HERE.

Cesar Quiroz – Producer

Art and JusticeTo listen other shows on our network visit us at Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network where we have over 300 podcast.

Damaged Daughters with Mary Trinity on CBBRN

DamagedDaughter4editedEmmy Award Winner Aids Activist Ms. Rae Lewis-Thornton on this 4th Episode of Surviving the Biological Bitch (Rebroadcast) with Ms.  Mary Trinity, the Host and Producer of Damaged Daughters.

Welcome to Our Damaged Daughters’ series as Mary Trinity interviews Rae Lewis-Thorton, who was the first African-American women to share her story of about living with Aids on the cover of a magazine.  (Essence December 1994 Edition.)

Prepare to hear her painful story of abuse as a child and growing up as part of a dysfunctional family.

Listen on Saturday, November 7 at 11 am and believe with us that IT IS TIME TO HEAL.


Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue

Executive Producer

Chicago’s Black Business Radio

Got a Criminal background? Meet Mr. Charles Hardwick.

Charles Hardwick 2Interview with Mr. Charles Hardwick, Director of Howard Area Resource Center located at  7637 N. Paulina Street in Chicago.

Howard Area Community Center is now an official City of Chicago Community Reentry Support Center, offering support to youth and adults with criminal background.

For more information, and for next available training dates.

Contact: Mr. Charles Hardwick, (773) 262-3515 or

Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue

Executive Producer

Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network

Pro Bono Legal Services for Chicago’s Small Businesses

MK2_3811.pic.m.schlesingerMichael Schlesinger is an adjunct professor of law at The John Marshall Law School where he is the Director of the law school’s Business Enterprise Law Clinic (the “BELAW”).

Listen to today to find out how your business can benefit from the pro bono legal representation offered by BELAW.

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Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Producer

Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network

The Child Support Business.

Chicago's Black Business Radio Network. ALL BLACK! ALL NEWS! ALL YOU!From our archives…

We’ve created almost 300 podcasts and this show, unexpectedly, was one of our biggest hits.

The Child Support Business and its affect on the first 20 years of manhood.

Illinois Fathers Vice-President Mr. General Parker and Mike McCormick will discuss the long-term life-altering affects of early fatherhood on the finances of young men.

ON THE AIR with Host Mr. Ron Carter, Chairman of Black Wall Street – Chicago and Publisher and Editor of Chicago Street Journal. 

Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Producer
Founder of Chicago’s Black Business Network

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